MicroGaming: Online Casino Review

If you love online casino games and sports betting, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be going through a MicroGaming online casino review. This, we hope will help our readers to make the right choice. There are many online casino sites and therefore making the right choice is not easy. It is mostly because of a lack of information, knowledge, and experience.

microgaming online casino review

Many first-timers do not exactly how to choose a good online gaming and betting site. However, those who have seen MicroGaming gambling sites from close quarters would certainly have a number of things positive to say about them. Let us therefore try and learn more about MicroGaming software from various angles.

We will learn more about the features, the games that they offer promotions, signup bonuses, payment and withdrawal methods, security and safety and other such important things. We hope that the information we are sharing in this MicroGaming review will help our readers and prospective punters and gamblers to take a decision based on facts, figures rather than being persuaded by hearsays and opinions.

About MicroGaming

MicroGaming is famous and well known online casino software having some of the most live tables, slot machines, and facilities for various other live games. MicroGaming is roughly around 26 years old and over the past many years it has been able to grow quite satisfactorily. Over the years, they have been able to introduce many new and exciting games by upgrading their technology for their customers across the world.

microgaming atlantic blackjack

Microgaming Atlantic Blackjack

Whether it is VIP Private Room, Pre-dealing 6 cards of Squeeze Baccarat or even Interactive Bid Baccarat, they have been able to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It would be pertinent to mention here that almost all leading and well known online casino companies in various parts of the country would most certainly have MicroGaming as software for providing customers with the best gaming experience.

Hence whenever we talk about the best online casino Malaysian service providers, there are many reasons to believe that MicroGaming would have had a very major and big role to play.

We will be discussing the various things that makes them MicroGaming special so very popular.

Ever since the software service provider started operations in 1994 they have been able to make a world of difference to various types of games including slots, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, different variants of poker, card games and even fish games that are popular in some parts of Southeast Asia.

Multi Hand - Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold

Multi Hand – Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold

So whenever you come across the most famous slot games like Tarzan, Sun Theia, Playboy Online Slots and many more, you can be sure that MicroGaming is the software that operates these games. If you see any good online casino review you can be sure that they will have a mention about the software platforms that run dozens of games. There are hardly any gaming sites that do not have MicroGaming as one of the software platforms for offering these games to their customers.

What Makes Them Different?

The company realized long back that the key to their success lies not in being an online casino games provider but offering licenses for the software platforms for the dozens of games that reside on it. Hence they started their work in coming with some of the best games and today they have a huge and ever-growing list of games that are built on the MicroGaming platform.

Those who know about Terminator II, Jurassic Park and Battlestar Galactica would be aware the fascinating gaming experiences they were able to offer to thousands of punters and gaming and gambling enthusiasts across the world. Lookup any reliable MicroGaming review and you find a mention of the role this software has played in bringing some of the best gaming experienced to the mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

microgaming jurassic world

Microgaming Jurassic World

They are been quite impressive, as far as offering low-cost and inclusive solutions to their customers. Hence, they have been able to broaden their customer base apart from increasing the number of online casino outlets that have decided to go in for MicroGaming.

They are not concentrating just on a creamy layer of customers. Anybody desirous of trying their luck in online casino gambling can do so in making use of MicroGaming because of the quality of gaming experience that they provide to their customers at any given point in time.

They Have Changed With Times

The online casino gaming industry is always in a constant mode of change and nothing is permanent here. Hence, all casino sites have to keep upgrading their software, the game variants that they offer, the sound and video effects that they offers and other such things should also be in tune with changing times and contemporary needs and requirements.

There is no denying the fact that today MicroGaming has become one of the most successful, popular and much sought after gaming software platforms in the world. Get some feedback from any leading online game development company and they will certainly have a number of impressive things to talk about MicroGaming. In the same light when you look at any renowned and reputed online Casino Malaysia site you will be able to come across many casino games that are built using MicroGaming as the software platform.

It would be pertinent to mention here that as of today, MicroGaming has more than 850 casino games and these games pay out millions of dollars, Euros and local Malaysian Currencies as payouts to thousands of customers across the world and of course in Malaysia and other neighboring countries. Name any theme and you can be sure that it will be there on MicroGaming software platform. It could range from Scatter, Wilde, Winnings Multipliers and Free Spins.

While slots could be their strong area, it would be wrong to mention that the software provider does not have other games to offer. They have some of most fascinating list of live dealer games covering every niche that one could think of. The list of services and games offered by them are mind-boggling and extremely fascinating to say the least.

Catering To All Online Casino Gambling Needs

microgaming live casino

Microgaming Live Casino Dashboard

The reason for success of MicroGaming could be because it has a large and live dealer operation and they operate on a live-stream basis and they cater to almost all online casino players. It is quite common to come across 20 tables of live dealers servicing a wide variety of online casinos and thousands of players under these casinos. They are also masters of Sportsbook and they have ten years of rich experience in this area.

microgaming live baccarat

Microgaming Live Baccarat

They would be able to provide gamers and punters with some of the best betting platforms. Hence, it is quite obvious that they are considered to be one of the best when it comes to offering high-value gaming solutions to millions of customers across the globe. In one phrase, they are the best service software service providers and any online casino gaming site would not be able to survive even for a few days without the support and contribution from gaming software service providers like MicroGaming.

microgaming live roulette

Microgaming Live Roulette

A Look At Their Slot Offerings

Whenever one thing about slots and the different variants to it, you cannot separate MicroGaming from the scene. They have different types of slot game variants to offer and therefore choosing the best would be a tough and complex job to say the least. However, for the purpose of information we are happy to share a few games that are quite popular amongst thousands of players in Malaysia and other parts of Asia and also across the world. It will give the readers a reasonably good insight into the reasons why slots coming out from MicroGaming is so very popular and so much in demand.

For example, if you have a look at slots like Thunderstruck, Avalon I and I, Bust the Bank, Ariana, Lost Vegas, Jungle Jim and Immortal Romance, you will be more than certain that you are enjoying some of the best-known MicroGaming mobile gaming experience. They compare very well and in many cases outstrip the branded slots that may have been created many years before.

Innovation is the name of the game for software solution providers like MicroGaming. Over the years, they have been able to come out with sports-themed slots and they have quite a few of them. For example, the tennis-based center court slots have been a huge hit amongst many of the Asian themed slots. They have been able to compete quite effectively with other names such as Asian Beauty.

Further, they also have been able to make a handful of animal-themed games. Those who have played slots such as Rabbit in the hat or even Untamed Giant Panda would know the quality of these slot games from MicroGaming. On the other end of the spectrum, they also have a healthy collection of branded games. They include names such as Terminator 2, Tarzan, Bridesmaids, and Tomb Raider amongst others.

Some Trademark Features About MicroGaming

Those who have played MicroGaming believe that it offers them 243 ways to win prizes. Though this does not mean that there is a guaranteed win each time you play, it does offer the punters varied ways of winning with each spin or play of the slots. The software service provider also has some of the most attractive Jackpots and these are broadly classified into four different types.

They are Mega, Major, Minor, and Mini. Mega is the most popular because it is the one for all those who are behind records and also for those who are aiming at some of the biggest and most attractive payout and different types of jackpots. The smaller ones also offer winning amounts but they are much smaller. These can be won many times in a day.

The Future Projections

The future looks quite bright and this can be gauged from the success story that Castle Builder II has been able to offer. This was launched in 2017 and there are reasons to believe that games such as these from MicroGaming could help to bridge the gap that exists between online slots and also social gamification. Apart from helping players to win decent money, they also provide the players with a high-quality gaming experience that is enjoyable.

microgaming castle builder 2

The console video games that are available in it also have different storylines built into it. This would depend on the type of player avatars that you pick. The storylines have their own interesting features and the likes of Castle Builder II will offer the players around 15 kingdoms for exploration and also you have a chance to build 75 castles and the most important thing is that you have 300 characters to interact with.

As you play the game, you also will be able to enjoy an enjoyable and comprehensive achievement and the cup will be able to challenge the system where trophies that can be earned.

Many Operators Are Associated With Them

The success story of MicroGaming has motivated many other and today many scores of operators worldwide have started using MicroGaming software because of the huge popularity that comes with it. This is not easy and building such games based on reliable software platforms does cost a big amount of money and time. Hence, MicroGaming may take some time to come out with new versions of slots and it may take a couple of months and more.

MicroGaming & All Online Casino Gambling

One more reason for the growing popularity of MicroGaming is because it has a large and live dealer operation. This operates on live stream basis as far as online players are concerned. They come with 20 tables consisting of playboy bunny outfitted dealers. They can serve a wide and varied variety of online casinos. Further, we also need to take into account their ten years of sportsbook experience.


This helps in providing one of the best and most exciting and solid betting platforms that is available anywhere in the world. They are selling their products and quality services for all those casinos who want to up one up on competition and also for those who are keen on offering nothing but the best possible solutions to their customers at all points in time.

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