QQ Keno: Online Lottery

If you are the type that is familiar with online betting games, QQ Keno will be a game after your heart. With its reward of real quick money, QQ Keno has risen to become one of the games that intrigue players every time.

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QQ Keno is often regarded as one of the most popular lottery games today, some people even argue that is it the most popular as it offers a lot of prizes and payouts which are based on number gaming and selection for different ranges. QQ Keno had risen with a grid with French influence with some roots in China. Keno, in the Chinese language, means 5 winning numbers.

Early Lightning Profit with QQ Keno Online Lottery Game

History has it that QQ Keno was first played in China as a means of fundraising for building the legendary wall of China, this was where its influence became more relevant. However, China placed a ban on all lottery games for a short while, which, includes QQ Keno, and this changed everyone’s motive about the game entirely. The game started finding its way back into the market when certain operators got hold of the approval form Macao in 1847, and slowly, they were able to re-introduce the game back into records.

Betting Markets

QQ Keno betting markets are available in a lot of countries, some of which are; Slovakia, Beijing, Australia, Malta, and Canada. These countries allow offers that can never be ignored. A variety of markets ranges from the 30s, 60s, 90s, and 120s.

Although these may look quite a time consuming, QQ Keno is somewhat of a relatively fast variant which takes only about 30 seconds to complete. It is awesomely suited for professional gamblers who are always ready to try more markets at a given phase.

Betting Types

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Big & Small: This type of bet is among the most popular betting types offered all QQ Keno online Malaysia games. It is seemingly easy as players are only expected to guess an overall of 20 numbers in each round of games. You are to guess if the number is large or small over a given range specification. For a great value of, 20 outputs number falling anywhere between 210 and 809, the net result considerably small. But, if the value is in between the range of 811 to 1410, the net result is seen to be large (big).

Even and Odd: The QQ Keno online offers this type of betting style that is considered one of the most popular betting types ever. It is also easier as compared with other betting types, as the players only get to guess a total valuation of 20 bets if the results will come out odd or even.

Upper Middle Lower: This is a combination of three different bets which requires a deep understanding of the Keno game rounds to be pulled off. Although the only thing that matters in the game is the range, the markets are seen to be relatively at a close range. Therefore,

  • With over 10 balls ranging from 01 to 40, the outcome is top
  • With over 10 balls ranging from 41 to 80, the outcome result is middle
  • Anything with a result above 81 is considered to be a low

Odd:  This is usually calculated with about 20 output balls, they mostly have values greater than 811 plus an odd value, the result is called an odd amount.

Small: also, with a total value of 20 output balls with values equal or less than 810, and when the value is odd, the result is called a small odd

Even: This is when the total value of 20 output balls in greater than 811, and when the value is even, the outcome is said to be an even number.

Small: for a total value of 20 output balls, if the result is less than 810, with an even value, the outcome is called a small even

Gold: this is the net value of the whole 20 outcome balls falls in a range of 210 to 695

Wood: When the net value of the 20 outcome balls falls in a range of 696 to 763

Water: this is when the overall value of the 20 outcomes fall under the range of 764 to 855

Fire: When the overall value of the 20 outcomes of balls fall in a range of 856 to 923

Land: when the total value of the 20 outcomes falls in between the range of 924 to 1410

Draw: if the total value of 20 balls is exactly 810, the result is usually called a draw or a tie.

How to play QQ Keno

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Contrary to popular beliefs, playing the QQ keno game and Bingo game is not a hard task at all. There are about 80 numbers where you can decide to start betting from with values from 01 to 80. The actual catch for gamblers comes in the form of a 2 minute Keno round. This round makes things easier for the gamblers, and also reduces their fear about completing the Keno round.

This allows the players to play without any tension of losing their bets at the beginning of the game. The round begins with 20 numbers, and a win in this round is calculated as regards the outcome number, which might have been predicted beforehand by the players. This also includes all the bet types that have been predicted perfectly by the players.

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